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Why do rich people not have to take their climate responsibility?

The very rich get a free ticket from climate responsibility. In the European Commission’s proposal for new legislation, they get several different exceptions and free access. The richest percent of the world emits twice as much as the poorest half of the world’s population.


Why our brain pushes us to destroy the planet

We know we’re heading for the climate change abyss – and yet we are not doing enough to stop it. Not even frequent reports of melting glaciers, ever-increasing fossil emissions and airlines flying tens of thousands of empty flights around the world to “keep their slots” make us as a society wake up and say stop.

The roses in Grasse are affected by climate change

The Grass region in the south of France accounts for most of the world’s rose oil production, next to Bulgaria and Turkey. The Grass valley in particular is known for its fertile soil and roses have been grown here since the 17th century. But in recent years, cultivation has been challenged in the wake of climate change.