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Tue 09 2024

Tenth consecutive monthly heat record

by bernt & torsten

Staggering statistics reveal that March brought us the 10th consecutive global heat record, with temperatures surging 0.1C higher than the previous record in 2016 and striking a worrying 1.68C above pre-industrial averages.

Backed by the Copernicus Climate Change Service data, such levels raise concerns that we're experiencing an El Niño-induced surge or witnessing a planet in worrying health.

Over the past year, global temperatures have shockingly averaged 1.58C above pre-industrial standards, exceeding the 1.5C target in the Paris climate agreement. However, this agreement will not be deemed breached until these trends persist on a decadal scale.

Meteorologists attribute these increased temperatures to potential causes such as reduced cooling sulphur dioxide particles, the El Niño effect, a significant volcanic eruption in

Tonga was in early last year, or there was increased solar activity. If temperatures continue to rise and do not stabilize by August, experts fear the possibility of an ominously shifting fundamental climate system. With complete consensus in the scientific community, the culprit remains clear: excessive emission of greenhouse gases resulting from burning gas, oil, coal and trees. Efforts to reduce emissions must be accelerated if we're to put a stop to this alarming global warming trend. Yet, the battle against these causes will be tough, with the oil industry showing much resistance.