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Training course: The e-course for climate change negotiations and health

The course addresses the links between climate change and health and aims to answer important questions, such as the current state of climate change negotiations at the international level regarding health, and how climate change affects human health.

The course is free and open to all and is complemented by two webinars on climate change negotiations and health, which take place on October 17 and 18.

You can sign up here

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how climate change affects health;
  • Recognizing international climate change policies;
  • Identify the parties and groups of parties to the UNFCCC, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, including their respective commitments and negotiating positions;
  • Describe the outcome of previous negotiation sessions;
  • Discuss the key issues in the ongoing international climate change negotiations, in particular with regard to the promotion of health priorities and the integration of health into all policies.

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