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Our way of life will change

Climate Change in its simplest form common affairs requires common solutions. Parts of today’s capitalist-embedded left do not realize that we must change our way of life. Because then we must also get rid of capitalism.

We only have one globe. Right now we are consuming it fast. Climate change is accelerating. The record heat in India foreshadows the enormous influx of refugees that may come.

Humanity will not die, but we will quickly, within one or two generations, make life hell and large parts of the earth uninhabitable. We can then sit in rock chambers at the edge of the ancient Arctic Ocean and eat space food.

People love a steak, People in the western world love to travel and we love the world as it is. We want to live in a world where nature remains, where we can go outdoors in the summer, and where people in the billions do not have to flee their homes.

For us, there is no greater common task than to avoid climate collapse. We must change our lives instead of fleeing from them. Divide the cake instead of making it bigger.

We live such stressful lives in our highly mortgaged homes that we do not have time to live. Instead, we unwind with online shopping and squeeze in a romantic weekend where we fly. Our capitalist system is squeezing the shit out of us and the only thing we can do is buy, travel, and burn the earth at both ends.

We do not moralize over someone who wants all this. But we must find other ways to relax and achieve liberation and enjoyment. The earth cannot handle endless consumption. We can not use every natural resource that can provide a job. The time of growth is over. We must be able to guarantee good jobs and rich lives for everyone anyway. The key is equality.

Reforms we need are more holiday weeks so we have time to take the train. We will be forced to introduce some form of citizen’s salary. It worked during the pandemic.

We nibble on sedatives and our young people feel shit. Everyone is bent over their screens where we are fed with entertainment and are enslaved to the tech giant’s algorithms. It is not a social system that we will miss.

The day the political left formulates an economic and cultural vision where we have time with each other. Parents of young children can wake up calmly in the municipal collective housing after a spontaneous morning fuck while the young children play in the common garden. Working hours are shortened. In the afternoon, the whole family goes to the association-run sauna and relaxes.

Do we need a charter then?

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