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Mon 04 04 2022

It is incredibly rude to disturb the climate

by bernt & torsten

An ice floe as large as Los Angeles collapsed this week when the temperature in Antarctica was 40 degrees higher than usual for the season. People involved in the climate change issue were reacting to the news that very few others raised an eyebrow, as bad news about the climate has become routine.

Climate Activists have been very busy campaigning to raise the question about climate change; in Stockholm, climate activists glued themselves to a central bridge on Monday and blocked the E4 highway on Wednesday. On Friday, activists blocked Stockholm traffic again.

A climate activist in the UK – wearing a shirt with the message “Just stop oil” – tied himself with a cable tie to a goal post during the football match between Everton and Newcastle in mid-March.

For most spectators at the game, it wasn’t very pleasant! As the game did not start on time. It was even reported that a spectator jumped in and tried to punch the activist.

The UN’s climate panel IPCC will present a new report entitled Limiting climate change this week. The question is will the IPCC report upset anyone? Probably not.

Governments around the globe will not meet the Paris Agreement; the climate policies governments are putting in place regarding Climate Change are far from sufficient to meet the climate goals. The gap between what is required and what governments policy put in place is very big.

The policies are as idiotic redistributive as climate policy: Richer motorists get eight times as much as the poorer. Governments going into an election are acting to buy goodwill from their voters, especially when some governments have decided that it is suitable for the state to pay for fuel even for the very richest when prices rise.

Oil subsidies are for everyone. At the same time, governments with natural resources are giving the go-ahead for new mines. It is radical policies that are presented, things that were previously seen as almost impossible. But the extreme is thus done to allow continued emissions – not to bring about a necessary change. It seems almost insane, like a bad joke, to the one who has taken it seriously.

But we do not see policies for the climate, we are undermining the question about climate change. The sanctions against Russia show even more clearly how much it is possible for a government to do in a short time. In the same way as the measures that came in place to meet the pandemic.

Disasters can be met.

It will not always be right, but it is at least politically possible except when it comes to the climate. There we can not even boycott Russia while bombing civilians in Ukraine. Aviation fuel, oil and gas are paramount needs, just as they have been in relation to other aggressive dictatorships.

Private individuals and organizations can mobilize, glue themselves, refuse to fly and take direct action. The mobilization of the climate movement should take place on the streets rather than within the establishment. Those who now ignore climate goals and ignore the living conditions of future generations will be written into the history books.

Most likely, governments will not listen. They already know enough. They do not want to disturb not be rude to voters. It is difficult to come to terms with what is happening and the changes that are not taking place. Our recent crisis (Covid, Russia/Ukraine) has shown that there are political possibilities to change everything quickly.

The only thing that has become easier is to point out the responsibilities and guilt of those in power. Those who now ignore climate goals and ignore the living conditions of future generations will be written into the history books with a dirty legacy.

All of us, who refrain from gluing ourselves and blocking traffic, also bear responsibility for not doing anything because we chose the short-term convenience.

Perhaps the vanity of the elected representatives is the only thing we have left to hope for. Their realization that the old days are over and fear of being bundled together with murderers and villains in the future. At best, it can hurt their ego and self-esteem.

It’s a straw. But how else will we bring about change when it is difficult to see when protests and actions are mostly seen as bad manners.