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Wed 20 2021

Tips for better range on the electric car during the winter

by bernt & torsten

During the winter, the range of the electric car is affected by the cold. On average, most tests show that an electric car can drop up to 20 percent when the temperature is around zero degrees. Actually, it may not be a major concern, but sometimes you may still want to manage the energy in the car.

Simply explained, the loss is due to the fact that the ions in a lithium-ion battery simply find it more difficult to move when the battery is cooled down. It affects the possible energy output from the battery. The car, therefore, needs to put more energy into heating the battery instead of driving the car forward.

Park in the garage

If you have the opportunity to park your electric car in the garage, choose to do so. Then the indoor temperature helps to keep the car warm, including the battery and the passenger compartment so that the car does not have to put as much energy into tempering the battery and car. Then you get a good and more efficient start to your journey.

Preheat the car before driving off

Most electric cars can be preheated before it is time to start your journey. This means that you can heat both the passenger compartment and the battery in advance through, for example, the app. Choose to do this when it is really cold in the morning.

If you can also have the car connected to a charger at the same time, you do not take any energy from the battery to get the car up to the right temperature before you drive.

Do not overcharge the battery

Your electric car has a built-in battery management system that regulates the temperature of the battery so that it is at an optimal level.

At really extreme temperatures (both up and down) it may be wise to ensure that there is a certain margin in the battery. So that battery management systems know that there is enough energy for optimal temperature control. Avoid going below 15-20 percent on the battery in the severe cold when the car is to be parked to give your battery a good buffer.

Do not heat the passengers of the car

Since an electric car does not have an internal combustion engine, no waste heat is created that can heat the passenger compartment. Instead, the battery can drive a heat pump/passenger compartment heater that tempers the passenger compartment. However, it consumes some energy.

Remember that you do not always have to drive full blast with the fan in the whole car if you drive yourself. In addition, the seat heating and the steering wheel heating can contribute with more efficient energy, which means that you can lower the temperature of the passenger compartment fan to some degree and still feel comfortable. It saves energy.

Inflate the tires

Poorly inflated tires provide increased rolling resistance. When the temperature drops outside, the tire pressure in your tires also decreases as the air gets colder. This in turn has a negative effect on the range. Make sure you have the right tire pressure in your tires before your long trip when it has just turned to freezing temperatures

Select the Eco mode

Of course, it is always boring to choose the frugal eco mode in the car. But it is an effective way to save energy as the car limits the power you can take out of the car. At the same time, it may be healthy to drive a little calmer on icy and snowy roads.


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