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Share your articles and stories with us, they may make a difference in the life of one of our readers!

Social Climate Tech News is a specialized news platform, which shares with you articles with our views on topics about a transforming world. We hope that your work will contribute in one way or another to influence our readers in a positive way. We, in turn, provide practical advice and scientific information to advance the level of our readers.

It’s all nice…but why should I join Social Climate Tech News?

Social Climate Tech News provides you with a fan base for your writings!

Once your story/blog/article is reviewed and approved, it will be published in your name to our readers, which will ensure your writing has the desired echo of any writer…

Social Climate Tech News supports and develops your writing skills!

One of our goals in Social Climate Tech News is to support and help writers, so joining Social Climate Tech News means joining a team that aims to help you develop your writing skills…

 Do you want to join Social Climate Tech News?

You don’t have to be a Nobel Prize laureate for literature. All you need is a clear, fluid style and following these guidelines:

1 – Your writing should be more than 300 words.

2 – Use headings and sub-headings to structure your writing.

3- Your writing must be original and distinct from the articles published on Social Climate Tech News.

4 – That the topic of your article is directly related to the specific topics on our site. 

5 – You can join the Social Climate Tech News writing cell as a regular writer or translator or as a guest contributor (you can contribute whenever you like. There is no timetable for when your articles will be submitted!)

Additional information illustrative of participation or contribution:

We do not pay for articles, but we give you the opportunity to share your writing skills as well as help you develop.

Check and double-check for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting. All articles will be edited for their length, grammar, content, and style. !

We do our best to answer all inquiries, but be aware that we may be late in answering your request. And know that in case we don’t get back to you in a week or two at the most, please assume we haven’t accepted your post.

Important note:  Although we will try to respect your writing style, it is possible to make adjustments to it within the framework of our writing protocols, to improve the chances of it appearing on search engines.

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