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Posts tagged as “Sustainable”

The Aboriginal community has solutions for wildfires worldwide

An age-old tradition could well be the solution to a contemporary problem: wildfires, which are also occurring again on a large scale in Europe this summer. Due to heat and drought, fire can spread rapidly in more and more nature reserves. In Australia, where this problem has existed for years, the Aboriginal community is now drawing attention to their way of forest management.

Why do rich people not have to take their climate responsibility?

The very rich get a free ticket from climate responsibility. In the European Commission’s proposal for new legislation, they get several different exceptions and free access. The richest percent of the world emits twice as much as the poorest half of the world’s population.

Online shopping threatens climate goals for rich countries

If we just were simple snowmen we would not have to be worried about online shopping threatening climate goals. Do you know that the countries of the world are ranked according to environmental goals, it is called the Sustainable Development Index. Take a look and see how your country is ranked.