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A large part of Italy is in a state of emergency due to the worst drought in 70 years

Google images of the Po, Italy’s longest river, and you’ll see a wide stream surrounded by a green oasis. But at the moment the river, which is supposed to supply almost all of northern Italy with water, is virtually dry. The Arno, which flows through Florence, and the Tiber in Rome are also considerably lower than normal.

The nitrogen problem in Netherlands

The nitrogen problem keeps the Netherlands firmly in its grip. Residential construction is delayed at a maximum speed of 100 kilometres per hour on the highway, and farmers are threatened with closure. Where does that nitrogen come from, and where does it cause the biggest problems? And how is the Netherlands doing compared to other countries?

Your dinner is not run out by an entrepreneur

As soon as it rains in a European city, the streets start to get crowded with them. The food delivery couriers have large, heat-insulating backpacks that cube on their backs. They fly on electric scooters and mopeds. City dwellers do not have to go out and shop in the rain but can sit quietly on the sofa while someone else gets wet.