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High electricity prices are due to our dependence on fossil fuels

Political and economic ideas vary over time and between countries. Since climate and environmental problems are infinitely long-lasting and borderless, all political ideologies must be able to contribute to sustainable solutions. Political measures must also be morally defensible to function globally and in the long term.

The Aboriginal community has solutions for wildfires worldwide

An age-old tradition could well be the solution to a contemporary problem: wildfires, which are also occurring again on a large scale in Europe this summer. Due to heat and drought, fire can spread rapidly in more and more nature reserves. In Australia, where this problem has existed for years, the Aboriginal community is now drawing attention to their way of forest management.

A large part of Italy is in a state of emergency due to the worst drought in 70 years

Google images of the Po, Italy’s longest river, and you’ll see a wide stream surrounded by a green oasis. But at the moment the river, which is supposed to supply almost all of northern Italy with water, is virtually dry. The Arno, which flows through Florence, and the Tiber in Rome are also considerably lower than normal.