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Sat 17 02 2024

A poem: Wake up, people! This is our future!

by bernt & torsten

Wake up, people, to the dawn's embrace,
Our future calls, in every face,
In equity, we find our might,
To stand as one, in truth, in light.

On this planet, we share our home,
Inequality, let's disown,
For justice, unity, and safety's sake,
Let's rise against the storms that break.

Extremism's shadows, they loom large,
But together, we can take charge,
Against the winds of climate change,
Let's build a world where hope's not estranged.

Right-wing rhetoric may seek to divide,
But unity, in love, will abide,
Conservatism's grip may hold,
But progress cannot be sold.

Billionaires may wield their wealth,
But together, we find our health,
Injustice shapes our world, it's true,
But together, we'll see it through.

So wake up, people, to the call,
Our future beckons, one and all,
In equity, in unity,
We'll shape a world where all are free.