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Over 50 degrees in Iraq: “Close to the critical limit”

The summer heat wave refuses to let go of the Middle East. In Iraq, temperatures have reached over 50 degrees recently, and government employees in several parts of the country have been given time off due to the heat.

During the week, several Iraqi cities topped the list of the world’s currently hottest places, with temperatures of over 50 degrees. The heat is expected to last throughout the weekend.

As a result of the extreme heat, government employees have been given time off in nine provinces, local media write. High temperatures are not uncommon in Iraq, considered one of the hottest places on earth.

The current temperature in Iraq is very close to the critical limit for what humans can handle when it comes to maintaining a normal body temperature, and working outdoors in such temperatures is completely impossible.

Strong sandstorms

In addition to the heat, the number of severe sandstorms has also increased during the year. Since mid-April, eight sandstorms have swept across the country, more than usual during summer. Sand clouds that spread over large areas, blocking the sky and limiting visibility, have also caused problems in the infrastructure in several parts of the country.

The extreme weather, in combination with the heat, has also led to regular power cuts, which meant that the Iraqis could not rely on air conditioning, reports the BBC.

In addition to the sandstorms affecting the air and ventilation systems, the desert sand is also harmful to health. It will be a double trauma with the heat and the risk of exposing the heart and lungs to danger.

The United Nations has ranked Iraq as one of the countries in the Middle East most vulnerable to climate change.

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