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Fri 26 2022

No, it’s all about money

by bernt & torsten

It is said that politics is a culture war, in reality, it is about money and that the rest of what rhetoric the politic generates is a smokescreen.

Political rhetoric in public has never been more unpleasant, more whipped up. But the provocations obscure something central: politics is about financial interests that must be protected. And that is perhaps the most critical event in any politician’s life, protecting the tax money and use appropriately.

Political parties all have different ideologies on how to distribute money, yes, money. A sitting government is nothing more than a corporation whose income is taxes from businesses and individuals and uses policies and laws to enforce taxes. Using the income generated through taxes, a sitting government creates a budget on how the money will be spent.

Safe people dare, while insecurity suffocates and limits. Humans are not lions, and we do not live in a savannah.

This is nothing new. One of the most significant differences between different political parties is if they are the party of the wage earners or the party of the upper class has other points of view on what money should be spent.

In recent years new right-wing parties have been formed. They are a different political beast. Right-wing parties attract supporters from the whole political spectrum, from wage earners to the upper class and are formed around specific ideologies that would limit a liberal view of openness, acceptance, inclusion, diversity, equity and inclusion and faith, with an ideology of creating a political cult that practice a type of democratic dictatorship.

All about Money

Depending on a party’s political spectrum, you can ensure it is all about the money. If you in an election vote for the left side of the political spectrum, you are voting for social security, healthcare, and pension for all. Suppose you vote for the right side of the political spectrum for reduced social security, privatization of government services, and tax cuts that primarily benefit the rich.

Whichever party on the political spectrum you vote for, the most unpopular policies are often decided on first in the hope that voters would have time to forget.

Suppose we look at a pyramid and the class system defined as lower wage earners, middle and the upper wealthy few. If individuals voted according to their social class, the left would, in theory, win all the time, but that is not the case in the west. Some countries have very few political parties (USA), or in other countries in the EU, many parties often form a coalition to govern the tax money.

The culprits to why people of the lower class vote for parties in other classes are often political messaging through ads, press releases, press conferences, social media and the acceptance of influencers, think tanks and lobbyists allowed to meet and influence politicians, and it is all about money.

The people in the west have it very well; if we look at the global wealth pyramid, the majority of the people in the USA, Canada, Europe, and other wealthy regions and countries fall in the middle category, compared to the 2.9b in the lowest level, we have the money.

Infographic: The Global Pyramid Of Wealth | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

As a voter in the west, ask yourself what you want from your politician in the next election. If you are happy that you got another 100 bucks from a tax cut from the party you voted for and won to govern the tax money, then you have not used your rights for voting. As voters, you need to understand the puff and fluff political parties throughs your way and know what you get for giving your vote to a party.

So next time there is an election, ask your local politician to “Show me the money” before you vote so you know what you get from casting your vote on a political party.

As the right-wing parties often push immigration as a considerable costly use of taxpayers’ money, you should ask yourself if you are affected by the immigrants that come to your country or not and if a potential tax cut would help you. The rich would take any tax cut any day, as they will get more money in their wallet.

Embrace yourself; if the prediction of scientists about climate change, there will be large groups of people moving from the south to more habitual environments. If you live in the Global North, we have not seen the tip of the number of immigrants seeking their way North. This will be very costly for any country in the Global North, so just be prepared for what politics you are voting for in the future. It will hurt everyone’s wallet.


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