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Today the earth’s resources are exhausted for this year

Today, the world has already consumed the 2022 ration of renewable resources. If the world lived as we do in the west, this year’s so-called Overshoot day would have already occurred at the beginning of April.

It is the organization Global Footprint Network that annually calculates a kind of fictitious budget of nature’s renewable resources.

In 2022, Overshoot day, when the world has used up the year’s ration and begins to live on the “savings capital,” occurs on July 28 – two days earlier than 2021. Overshoot day is based on several different measures of, among other things, energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, fishing and forestry.

The organization also calculates different dates for what the situation would look like if everyone on earth lived as a certain country does. At the very earliest, February 10, Overshoot day would have occurred if everyone lived as they do in Qatar. If you look instead at Swedish conditions, 2022’s resources would have already been used up on April 3.

1971 is the earliest year included in the updated list of Overshoot days over the years. The resources are then estimated to have run out on 25 December. Since then, the date has occurred earlier, with some exceptions, such as the corona pandemic. In 2020, this year’s Overshoot day was on August 22, three weeks later than the following year, but it was only a temporary bump in the curve.


Earlier and earlier every year

1971: December 25

1980: November 8

1990: October 14

2000: September 25

2010: August 8

2019: July 29

2020: August 22 (temporarily set back due to the pandemic)

2021: July 30

2022: July 28

The dates are continuously updated as new data becomes available. Therefore, the date may be different from the one presented in the current year.

Source: Global Footprint Network

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