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How will we make climate action popular

They’re going to be some real action required to turn the average global temperature to not rise above 1.5°C. It does not look good as cutting fossil fuel use and developing alternative industries have provoked resistance.

Wind farms can be a common source of public complaints across the globe, and so can carbon taxes – as large protests in France and Australia show.

Opposition to climate action can also arise when people are faced with the consequences of moving away from fossil fuels in everyday life, how are we going to make this climate action popular amongst the public. That is what is discussed, how!

Source: The Conversation

Shallow dive: It will not be easy, we are faced with the biggest threat to humans, and we need to take action. Sacrifices are required, and the government around the world will have to stop talking and take action on policies on a global level not only on a. local lvel.

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